The Definition Of Procrastination

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Hong Yu
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Mr. Kasper
Partner Essay Analysis In Jill’s personal essay, she uses the first-person point of view to talk about her definition of procrastination. This essay is probably written right before the due date because she said: “I just went on my phone again, knowing that I better finish this essay soon.” This essay is a product of procrastination, so readers should not be surprised to know that Jill thinks procrastination is a good thing. However, they are looking forward to her reasoning. The purpose of this essay is to provide readers with another way of thing procrastination—it is not bad but rather good. In order to achieve this purpose, Jill uses rhetorical strategies such as irony, comparison, and questions.
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It is the exact opposite.” This sentence allows the readers to know that the rest of this essay is going to be personal, directly relating to herself. Jill defines the word “procrastination” as a “natural talent that everyone is born with”. Here, Jill uses irony to trigger readers’ curiosity. The word “talent” is often used when describing an ability that is not easy to acquire, such as perfect pitch. In general, talent is a positive word. On the other hand, procrastination is a different story. It is generally accepted that procrastination is bad because people “want to be organized and have everything sorted out on time.” When using talent to describe procrastination, Jill not only presents her own viewpoints on procrastination, which is a good thing but also uses this as an irony to make her audience curious why the author would describe procrastination, a very bad habit, to a talent. Therefore, this sentence promotes readers to continue reading and dig out the reason for why procrastination is…show more content…
She says: “Being lazy is when you are unwilling to do something while procrastinating is when you intend to do something but you’re just postponing the work.” By distinguishing these two words, Jill makes it very clear to the readers that procrastination and laziness do not represent the same thing. Procrastination is not as bad as being lazy. This comparison shows Jill acknowledges that there is a misunderstanding of procrastination. Therefore, knowing the difference between procrastinating and being lazy is very crucial in redefining the word “procrastination”. Here, clarifying any confusion by using comparison helps develop the idea of what does it mean to procrastinate, which contributes to the main points of this essay. To explain why procrastination is not unacceptable, Jill not only uses comparison but also effectively uses questions to further illustrate why procrastination is not
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