The Delicate Topic of Authority

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Authority is one of the most critical topics today, now that it is the age where children are more liberated and the society is more open minded. It is budding to be the most delicate issue today. Today more and more people question their authorities and have been becoming more of a problem of many nations. Authority in this study is interpreted as a person with ability to influence or suggest for a separate response for a certain stimuli. This study is concerned with the association of judgment or decision making to authority; because people are more liberated we wondered if authorities can affect the decision made by particular persons under certain instructions. Max Weber, while conducting his works, identified three types of legitimate domination or authority one of which is Rational-legal authority, according to him it is that form of authority which depends for its legitimacy on formal rules and established laws of the state, which are usually written down and are often very complex. (Weber 1958, 4) Since our study will be conducted on students and our authorities being teacher and other students, most likely it falls into the rational-legal authority as a basis for the study. This study is conducted in order to raise awareness about the ever growing problems in our society with regards to authority and its subjects who chooses to defy it. As of today children around the globe are showing resistance from authority such as their parents and authorities from the
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