The Demographic Transition Model, Derived By Famed Demographer Warren Thompson Essay

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John Angelica
Mr. McMahon
AP Human Geography: Block G
15 November 2016

Population Project The demographic transition model, derived by famed demographer Warren Thompson, is a model that conveys the demographic stage in which a certain country fits. This is broken up into five major stages. In stage 1, birth rates and death rates are high. This trend was common all around the world before the Industrial Revolution. So, population remains constant, however it can have major swings as events like wars or pandemics occur. Next, in stage 2, modern medicine becomes available and so it lowers death rates all while birth rates remain high; therefore, the population grows rapidly. Many of the least developed countries today are in this stage of the model. Next, in stage 3, birth rates decrease, almost always as a result of the improvement in economic conditions, women having more rights, and contraception being available. Population growth continues, however at a slower rate. Many of the developing countries today are in stage 3. In stage 4, birth and death rates are both very low. This fact stabilizes the population. Countries that fall in this stage tend to have strong economies, high levels of education available to most anyone, high quality healthcare, a large amount of women are working, and a fertility rate of around two children per woman during her childbearing years. Most of the developed countries today fall into this stage of the model. Stage 5 of the demographic

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