The Department Of Homeland Security

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Recommendations: The Department of Homeland Security do have grants available for its programs, however there is a need to know where the grants need to be channel to, for better productivity. As recommendation, there is a need to continue encouraging forums where intergovernmental agencies and the citizens can frequently have an open discussion such as media chats and possible quarterly live Television programs, there should be a day or a week in the year dedicated to Human Trafficking. Also a monthly magazine would be a good idea to collaborate into the awareness effort. September 2013, the Senate committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs under the chairmanship of Senator Thomas Carper organized intergovernmental relations and interagency hearing titled, “Combating Human Trafficking: Federal, State and Local Perspective”. This hearing brought together State Judge, Civil Right Attorney, School Teacher, Women advocacy activist, experts in various agencies to talk about how they are working on human trafficking at their different governmental level. The most importantly was to create awareness about the Blue Campaign on Human Trafficking. Engaging with all levels of government is a priority for the Blue Campaign. The Blue Campaign is pursuing partnerships with national associations representing state, local, tribal and territorial elected and appointed officials. In July 2013, DHS entered into a partnership agreement with the National Association of Counties
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