The Development Of An E Learning Training Program

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This paper proposes the development of an e-learning training program designed to assist waste management mechanic with continuing training exclusively to the unique tasks waste management mechanics experience. At Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne), the Waste Management Department (WM) is a site-wide service organization (Waste Management, 2015), which:
• Runs permitted waste processing, storage, and shipping facilities.
• Assists generators with the management and disposition of their wastes,
• Supports facility Deactivation & Demolition (D &D),
• Nuclear footprint reduction projects,
• heads the Laboratory 's disposition efforts in the area of Unneeded Materials and Chemicals (UMCs),
• Performs asbestos and lead abatement
• Provides emergency and routine support for areas contaminated with radioactive and hazardous materials.
Due do the vast spectrum of knowledge waste mechanics are required to have this e-learning continuing training program should be a cost effective means to provide the mechanics with specialized training. The program will consist of a series of on-line training modules in line with the knowledge base required to complete each task safely. This e-learning program will be used in parallel with WM on-job training, facility specific training programs, and existing Argonne training programs with an emphasis on core competency skill development. Introduction
The term “e-learning” describes an array of information technologies in use in…
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