The Development Of Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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According to Wold Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the development of tourism and hospitality employment is important in developing countries. WTTC had done the research and found out that in future 10 years there will be a shortage or a talent ‘deficit’ in tourism and hospitality industry in 46 different countries. (WTTC, 2015) Indirectly, this will become the biggest challenge for Human resource department if there is a shortage of talented employees in human resource department and in the hospitality industry. Therefore, talented human resource management is important to hospitality industry. However, the quantity of jobs is unquestionable the quality of many of these jobs is of great concern to academics and policymakers alike (Nickson, D., 2013).
According to Steve Goss-Turner, human resource (HR) actually originated from US in 1980s, which is a concise and accurate description of what is personnel and training or staff management. Human resources management (HRM) also can be defined by how people are employed and managed in organizations. It covers the activities of strategic HRM, human capital management, knowledge management, corporate social responsibility, organization development, resourcing, learning and development, performance and reward management, employee relations, employee well-being and the provision of employee services. (Armstrong, M., 2009) HRM is important because it is one of the main core to operate the business in the hospitality industry. HRM…
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