The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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The hospitality and tourism industry plays an essential role in global growth around the world. One of the biggest key players is an airline industry. An airline industry contains both hospitality and tourism. One of the key players to this industry is the cabin crew. However, according to Laszlo “ with recent economic decline the airline industry is not in good health in terms of operation and customer service organization” said (1999). It is therefore, important to understand that the crews must perform function as key player in an airline industry by providing various types of customer service, safety and security threats, sales and promotion.

As cabin crews are playing a crucial role in the industry, they are to be selected carefully by the human resources. The desired corporate skills sought for the crews are; a motivation to deliver high standard customer service, team skills and commercial awareness. In addition to these skills, it is necessary that an individual is interviewed and upon successful application, and to satisfy all other needs for its industry. An airline cabin crews has been playing an essential role worldwide for more than decade by comforting dozens of passengers around the world. The definition of providing comfort to guests is, to also make a profit but as well as to make customers feel satisfied just like staying at a hotel. Perhaps this might be the reason why an airline attracts many people around the world. As a result of the popularity
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