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The development stage in instructional design is an extremely important stage. Without a proper development plan put in place instructional designers can become easily frustrated and expending additional hours to do research to put the course in place. This is the stage where the content is not only written or developed but the content is also organized (University of Idaho, n.d.). It is imperative that this stage is done correctly so as to deliver information to students that will help them learn to the fullest and really grasp the information. The following will discuss what happens in the development stage at Cornella Brothers Inc. when developing a safety meeting. Authoring Content The person who authors the content for safety…show more content…
When deciding on a safety meeting, managers need to decide what the company needs to address with their employees and then the Safety Officer at Cornella will create a Power Point or show pictures of the violations (Work Place Safety Experts, 2010). Inputting Technology Cornella Brothers is a medium sized family business. The organization is nowhere near being large enough to have an IT Department. Due to this managers and the safety officer hold many hats in the organization. The Safety Officer or one of the managers will input the information into technology. It would be nice to have an IT Department or even an accountant to do the billing but these tasks falls upon the managers. Beta Testing There really is no beta test involved in the safety classes. Employees are expected to follow the guidelines put in place at these classes. Managers will ensure that the employees are following government regulations and the company’s regulations. A part of their employment obligation is following the safety rules and managers do enforce this. During the classes there is a discussion period in which employees have the opportunity to voice their concerns or ask questions; in this way managers can be sure the employees understand what is expected of them and can respond immediately or discuss pertinent matter further. Conclusion At Cornella Brothers, the subject matter experts are the ones who author the

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