The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank Essay

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Today, I am going to discuss the bestselling, fictional novel, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. In her book, Annelise Marie – better known as Anne Frank, documents her experiences during the Holocaust and World War II (WWII). Readers are better able to get a feel for the suspense going on and emotion that Jews experienced, through a teenage mind. Anne Frank was only about 13 when she began writing about her book and 14 during hiding. She talks about the dangers of outside, bombings, shootings, and air raids of foreign enemies, as well as the “call ups” by Gestapo and the capture of her fellow acquaintances (including their experiences in the brutal concentration camps). The book is organized by diary dates and usually begin with…show more content…
Peter Wessel is Anne’s childhood crush. She loves him very much and fantasizes about him as well. She thinks he will not confess his love to her because he is shy and instead dates other girls. At this point, Anne and her family also go into hiding at the secret annex for safety. Diary entries, July 11, 1942 to October 9, 1942 describe how the Franks and their company, the Van Daans have to get used to living in the Annex. Margot (Anne’s sister), Edith (Anne’s mom), and Otto cannot get used to the sound of the clock in the annex because of its constant ringing. They begin to settle in, have to purchase groceries, clean the place, and keep quiet to begin their new lives in this small place. The secret annex was located in Otto’s office building at the attic and everyone needed to keep quiet to avoid being caught. Anne also talks about politics in the book and daily life. Diary entries, October 14, 1942 to November 20, 1942 discuss her education in the annex. Since she cannot go outside and go to her traditional classroom since she is in hiding and it is far too dangerous, she reads and learns new things from her sister or father and by reading textbooks. She studies things like History, Greek and Roman mythology, French, shorthand, and Math (including Algebra and Geometry). She is going through a rough patch with her mother and sister, and clings to her father for comfort. During this point in time, a new person comes to
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