The Diet Of A Vegetarian Diet

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In recent years more and more people are turning to a vegan diet. This diet is having some impact on food services such as restaurants because instead of a normal menu they must now cater to the ever growing population of vegans. Some of the things that are making this diet popular are the support it is receiving from health professionals like doctors and nutritionists, but just a couple decades ago doctors recommended cigarettes as a healthy choice. Let’s get the facts straight about what is a healthy diet and compare it to a vegan diet. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Health.Gov defines a healthy diet as one that limits sugar and sodium, provides the essential vitamins required to live, has a variety in food both vegetables and meats, and diets that keep good eating patterns with while keeping changes small. ("Top 10”) Healthy diets are essential for living a long life and have effects from living longer than someone who doesn’t eat healthy to lessening a number of illnesses that someone could experience. The claims of the effects of a vegan diet range all over this scale, while some of the basics of Veganism contradicts the criteria set by the USDA for a healthy diet. Does enough of the vegan diet match up with what a healthy diet really is, and does being a vegan really mean you’re healthier? A healthy diet requires a variety of different meats and vegetables. People who eat a vegan diet swear off meat completely this can lead to many problems.

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