The Diet Of The Mediterranean Diet

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“What is the best diet out in the world?”, typed into the Google search bar in almost every computer owned by anyone in the world today. Following these “diets” has become a fad that people want to follow so they can loose weight. Obesity causes health problems and with obesity rates climbing, theres now a get healthy/fit fad, where people diet and exercise. Everyone these days is always talking about diets. Which ones are in, which ones are fake, which ones “don’t” work or which ones “do” work. Everyone wants to know the quick way to loose weight or keep it off and through research, it has been discovered that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet out there. What is the Mediterranean diet; It is a lifestyle of choosing to eat like …show more content…

Although, this was before work days became too long forcing physical activity time to suffer, before the people there started consuming more cheese, pasta, and red meat, the foods that were supposed to be consumed in moderation now are becoming more prevalent in the diet. Leading to today where they have an increase in obesity like everywhere else, but not as obvious due to an overshadow by the U.S obesity statistics, but still on the rise, non the less. Breaking down the Mediterranean diet, we can see which components are responsible for why its mortality statistics of the area’s population were living longer than other populations around the world, including other europeans. To start, olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fat, which is protective against heart disease and replaces saturated fat from the eating habits. Olive oil is also a source of antioxidants including vitamin E. The high intake of fresh fruit and vegetables has been shown to be protective against both heart disease and cancer because of the antioxidants they contain. Also, Fish are a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats and the complex long chain derivatives of these fats appear to be particularly beneficial to heart health because of the anti-inflammatory of the arteries which leads to a decrease in blood pressure keeping the blood flowing smoothly. The Mediterranean diet is filled with a multiplicity of benefits for the body. For all organs and parts of the body, such as the heart,

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