The Difference Between Success And Failure

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Strong relationships are something I always have looked for in life. I find myself searching for people who share common interests, I enjoy spending time with, and most importantly have the same level of respect for others as I do. I have had a lot of experiences in my life that have shaped my ideas of respect for others and for myself. I always do my best to stay true to myself by doing things that I believe to be right and that I truly enjoy doing. I search for people with these same ideals. Every summer for the past 7 years I have spent a month at camp with the same group of people. A lot of these people I consider to be my best friends. I have been through things with these people that have been challenging for both of us. Having the others there often is the difference between success and failure. After an experience like that there is a bond of trust and friendship. The people that I co to camp with are mostly there for the same reason that I am. We all want to have a great time in the outdoors, learn about planning and executing backcountry trips, and make lasting memories with each other. One trip that I remember very clearly as being a challenging one was when I climbed Mt. Shavano in Colorado. My friend Charlie was on the trip with me. It was a two-day trip and the night before the summit day, neither of us were feeling great. The way we do mountain summits at my camp is we go to sleep early and wake up earlier. The next morning when we woke up at nearly 3:00 am
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