The Difference Between Volunteer And Large Telemarkote Calls

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There been numerous studies conducted to see if telephone calls actually produce the desired effect. There is a significant difference in the mobilization of voters using telephone calls between the volunteer and the large telemarketing call centers. Studies have shown an increase in voter turnout of nearly 3 to 5% for volunteer callers, while most commercial call centers do not have much of a significant impact on getting voters to the polls. Yet, most of the common forms of political campaign calls do come from the telemarketing call centers. To try and understand why this is a look at how both the volunteer and telemarketing call centers interact with the potential voter during the phone conversation was conducted. The telemarketing …show more content…

In general the findings indicate that in the American Society positive social norms that come with voting and those who are contacted and give the response to the affirmative that they will vote seemed to be more effective than a onetime contact. It has long been understood that when one gets a written or verbal commitment generally that has been followed through in the commitment kept. Simply put that asking someone to commit to vote can increase the possibility they will. Also a while person thinks with the intent of commitment this influences person to vote. Phone calls either from volunteers or the large telemarketing firms may not bring a large amount of voters to the polls yet; they do play an essential part in the overall outcome of getting voters to the polls. It’s not that phone calls are ineffective it seems to be more in how the phones scripts are delivered is what is showing to be lacking.
DOOR KNOCKERS Another important part of the political campaigning is the door knocker these door to door canvassers play a very important role in the campaign. This part of the campaign offers a more personal interaction with a potential voter. The door knocker offers the in person interaction and conversation by delivering the campaign message and at the same time giving the voter the opportunity to ask questions or give comments. There’s still much debate over

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