The Differences Of Modernization Theory And Dependency Theory

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A nation can develop to prosperity or under develop to devastation. Modernization theory and dependency theory are competing strategies of how to lead a country towards development. Modernization theory contends free enterprise and international trade are two elements that lead toward positive development. Modernization causes a gradual differentiation and specialization of social and political structures that makes democracy possible. In opposition to modernization theory is dependency theory which states capitalistic countries of the north dominate the global economy. The countries that dominate the world economy are known as the “core” while the nations they allegedly exploit are referred to as the “periphery.”

In a sense, the dependency theory could easily be called the victimization theory. Capitalism in its most basic form, the marketplace is Biblical. Lindsell states free enterprise is based on Mosaic Law specifically, “on the intrinsic right of citizens to the ownership, control, and use of private property.” Thus, for Socialism to succeed Mosaic Law must be invalidated. Socialism is also a reversal of sustainment. For example, the Ten Commandments warns Christians “Thou shalt not steal.” For the taking of property to be theft, Mosaic law must support private property. Otherwise, all property would be communal. Thus, it can be inferred that there must be a system for the exchange of private ownership: the marketplace.

Under the Holy Commonwealth, the Lord

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