The Digital Escape

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Lamia Chatriwala
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The Digital Escape
Standing alone, hunched over listening to news headlines through an earpiece, this is how Theodore Twombly rides the train. When the system in his ear comes to the article whose headline describes a pregnant actress who took naked photos, he becomes intrigued. He then pulls out his flip screen to look at these photos. The camera pans out to showcase the entire car where everyone has a little piece of machinery lodged in their ear. Nevertheless, in a train car full of people, everyone ignores each other. This scene is an adequate representation of relationships in Theodore’s world: desolate.
The isolation in Theodore’s life is due to his failed relationships, especially with women. Beginning with Theodore 's mother, from the moment he is asked about their relationship, it is clear that it is a relationship is limited. Theodore describes his conversations to be one-sided, as his mother makes things focus on herself when he is setting up his OS. Then comes Cathrine, his soon-to-be ex-wife. Initially, they had a spunky and enthusiastic relationship, but Catherine realized she couldn’t always be this way. Theodore’s expectations of her were just not what she could uphold. This pattern is seen again when he contacts sexy kitten. His life had reached so low he reaches out to a faceless stranger to receiving the slightest bit of pleasure and intimacy. Consequently, this interaction doesn’t go well for Theodore as sexy kitten turns out to…

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