The Disappearance By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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In Provoked and “The Disappearance” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, they describe how the Indian women leave their native country and immigrate to Western countries due to the arranged marriage that they have no rights to choose. Although the Indian women try to learn and integrate into Western culture, their husbands expect them to be a traditional Indian woman who should stay home and take care of the children, certainly isolated from mainstream society. If the Indian women try to rebel or challenge their husband’s authority, they are subject to their husband’s abuse in the fact of their machismo culture. This is because men try to retain their authority in the household as well as their status in the house. Men sometimes needed to take a step back and make a concession toward women by learning to respect women’s choice. This is because everyone has a different cultural background that shapes how one behaves and acts in the society based on his or her social group. If men offer freedom to their women, they will be able to retain their authority in the household.
In the Indian culture, the men are seen as strong, stable, tough, aggressive, confident and competent who is the one makes every decision and works outside. The women are regarded as warm, polite, gentle, soft, and is to follow without question the husband’s decision. These stereotypical gender roles and expectation in a patriarchal culture could result in both men and women losing their individual personality
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