The Discovery Of The Ocean Trenches

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In 1875, the ocean trenches was discovered by the HMS Challenger. They used sounding equipment during the global circumnavigation. Ocean trenches are these deep depressions that are the deepest parts of the ocean. These may be the deepest parts of the ocean but they only represent 1 percent or maybe even less of the entire area. The steep walls and the massive submarine slopes make up something called the hadal zone, which is a filled with a diverse number of species. Some of these species today are still new or unknown to science. The ocean trenches are formed due to subductions, which is a geophysical development where two or more of the Earth’s tectonic plates join and the older and denser the plates are, they are then pushed under the lighter plate and deep into the mantle. This will cause the ocean floor to bend and form a steep depression.
Since the 1970’s, it has been said that scientist have been discovering life forms in the deep ocean trenches. In July 2011, there was a voyage that was sent to the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. This was the deepest region that is said to be on the planet. National Geographic engineers and the Scripps researchers set up “untethered free-falling landers equipped with digital video and lights to search the largely unexplored region” (Scripps Institution of Oceanography). The team then acknowledged the findings of xenoplyophores, which are single-celled animals that were found in the deep-sea environments. Xenoplyophores are a hosts…

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