The Discrimination Of African Americans

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Through the course of our lifespan we have been taught about the issues of racism in the United States, however, most of the issues are usually associated with the south and the discrimination that African Americans faced. In reality, discrimination occurred nationwide and it followed every person of color during the late 19th and 20th century. Even if laws were implemented that stated that those who are citizens shall have their rights protected that was not the case for people of color. As we will see, blacks were not the only ones that were targeted. With the increase of mass migration into the United States minority groups such as Asian Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and other minority groups were targeted. Racism in the United States lead to a creation of division among the color and the white and laws were created to support this separation. The Union victory in 1865 might have given many African Americans the hope that they desired, the right to live a free life. However, the Union victory in the Civil War was not taken gracefully by the white southerners. There was constant backlash as to how the African American population should live. White southerners still didn’t consider the slaves as men they believed they had no right to own anything and were unworthy of success. By 1865, the 13th amendment officially outlawed slavery, however, with the assignation of Lincoln new laws were created under Andrew Johnson in the south. The state legislators in the south
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