The Diversity Of Physical Education

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Every single human being that exists is different. We are inherently unique and distinguishable between every other person in the world. We are a diverse and unique population and we vary from one another in regards to race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and so much more. This means that as a professional, we will have to work with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. The key to overcoming this obstacle is to recognize that every individual is distinctive and understand that although everyone is different, everyone has the same equal opportunity to learn and grow despite these differences.
All professions deal with issues surrounding diversity, but especially in the profession of physical education. The
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Over the course of 15 weeks, the students felt much more comfortable working with children who had disabilities and loved the opportunity to do so (Taliaferro, Hammond & Wyant, 2015). One participant stated, “The more I interacted and worked with [Karen], the more confident I got. I was able to see some form of progress every week with her” (Taliaferro, Hammond & Wyant, 2015, p. 60). This study is a prime example of the improvements individuals can make despite any differences they may have. Studies on different abilities according to gender have also been conducted. Sarkin, McKenzie and Sallis performed a study analyzing the differences in physical activity between grade school boys and girls during P.E. class. They discovered that girls have similar activity levels during P.E. class and were 94.6% as active as boys (Sarkin, McKenzie & Sallis, 1997). This study also demonstrates that ability can’t be limited to differences such as gender, and physical educators should recognize that boys and girls have the same abilities. It is the responsibility of the physical educator to ensure that individuals have the proper program designed for their specific needs, and to help them achieve their personal health goals. It is essential that physical educators understand the importance of diversity and abandon any bias related to these diversities. This will allow the professional to create optimal programs for their clients, and limit ability discrimination in the
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