The Diversity Of Physical Education

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Every single human being that exists is different. We are inherently unique and distinguishable between every other person in the world. We are a diverse and unique population and we vary from one another in regards to race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and so much more. This means that as a professional, we will have to work with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. The key to overcoming this obstacle is to recognize that every individual is distinctive and understand that although everyone is different, everyone has the same equal opportunity to learn and grow despite these differences. All professions deal with issues surrounding diversity, but especially in the profession of physical education. The diverse population physical educators work with vary in terms of race, socioeconomic standing, gender, ability and health levels (Gallo & Matthews, 2003; Goodwin & Watkinson, 2000; Greenleaf & Weiller, 2005; McNeill, Kreuter, & Subramanian, 2006; Sallis & Glanz, 2009; Sarkin, McKenzie & Sallis, 1997; Taliaferro, Hammond & Wyant, 2015). My role as a physical educator is to promote physical health for all people, despite of these differences. I firmly believe that every single person has the ability to achieve their health goals by implementing proper adaptations when needed. A study conducted by Taliaferro, Hammond and Wyant researched the ability of physical education students to teach children with disabilities ranging from autism to
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