The Doodle Pro By Fischer Price Essay

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The product being evaluated for this paper is the Doodle Pro by Fischer Price, designed for children 3 and up. This product has been available for 42 years, or since 1974 when originally created as the “Magna Doodle” by Pilot Pen Corporation. It was later bought out by Fischer Price, the specific creator is unknown (Freudenrich, 2008). The Doodle Pro contains an attached stylus and 4 different shapes. It works as a magnetic drawing board that has 2 screens with a honey-comb lattice like structure in between the screens that contains finely cut iron. When the stylus touches the screen it draws the iron to the top layer of plastic, where it stays in whatever shaped intended until erased, creating a no-mess chalkboard (Fischer-Price, 2016). It is designed to allow children to explore and practice writing and drawing in a more creative and open way, where it is seen as fun and not work. The product works to mimic an individual writing or drawing normally, the child picks up the attached stylus and draws as they like, and when they are finished with that particular picture they slide the eraser button across the bottom of the screen to clear the picture and start again. To see a visual of the product, Doodle Pro, please refer to Appendix A. This allows for practicing of the essential skills and penmanship, and confidence children will need throughout their lives. The targeted audience for this project is to school aged children both male and female, from the ages of 6-8 years of

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