The Driving Age Controversy: Raising the Driving Age to 21 Essay

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Driving Age Controversy Some people might argue that human’s brains aren’t fully developed until they are 21 years old, and that maturity and responsibility don’t start to show until you reach that age. Based on that opinion many people think that you aren’t ready to drive until you reach the age of 21, and those people are trying to have the legal driving age raised to 21. Well that would be ridiculous. You can’t derive someone’s maturity and responsibility from their age. That would be completely unfair. Sure, there may be some teenagers younger than 21 that aren’t mature nor responsible, but not every teen younger than the age of 21 is that way. Plus there are plenty of people that are 21 and over that are neither mature nor …show more content…

In those cases, for many teens they would be just plain out of luck. No way of transportation would be a very large problem for many students. For many students, not having the ability to get to and from school would deprive them of their educations. Another reason for why raising the driving age to 21 would be a bad idea is that for teens that want to get a job, their choices would be very limited because of the fact that it would be practically impossible for them to actually get to their job. Most of the people that think that teens younger than 21 can’t handle driving because, again like I said earlier, people think they are neither mature nor responsible. Well that is just an opinion and it is really not at all a fair one. Maturity and responsibility are character traits that depend on the person themselves, not just on the age of that person. So once again that is why it would be unfair to make the assumption that every teen under the age of 21 is neither mature nor responsible and can’t handle driving. Most of them can certainly handle being behind the wheel. An easy fix to this whole controversy over the driving age could be if they made the class you have to take in order to get your license more difficult. They could also make it longer. Plus they could make the driving test harder. That might help to ensure that only those who will really work hard

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