The Dual Diagnosis Service Users Essay

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This section will provide the rationale of the methods employed and highlight how the study will be performed. The study will examine the dual diagnosis service users with the sample size identified, data collection method and its analysis will be offered.
Research Approach
This study draws on an array of evidence based literature to promote positive behaviour amongst dual diagnosis service users. An examination of the research literature was used to inform the design of the study and the research questions. The research approach influences the study’s entire formation and its outcome will be dependent on the approach used (Silva et al, 2015). The research purpose is to formulate a research question and follow a plan to adequately answer it (Maltby et al, 2014). A selected research approach depends on the question being examined, Parahoo (2014). Within research, there exist three identified approaches namely qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.
This study will utilise a qualitative approach to obtain dual diagnosis service users perspective on minimising violent and aggressive behaviour. I will use focus groups to collect data from the patients and interview staff using semi structured questionnaires. This will permit me to examine the perspectives and experiences of dual diagnosis service users and staff as argued by Newell and Burnard (2006).
Qualitative research places emphasis on the importance and understanding of values and depth of meaning,

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