The ' Earth ' Without ' Art ' Is Just '

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“The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh, '" — unknown author. This quote encapsulates the very importance of art in one sentence. Many people do not realize what a big impact art has on their lives. It is all around us, the house you live in, some artist took the time to design it. When you go to the grocery store, artists took the time to design all of the logos and packagings that you see and purchase. You can’t look anywhere without seeing a work of art, and if it is done right, it has the power to influence your thoughts and actions. For example, warm colors like yellow and red have been thought to make people feel hungry, and that 's why restaurants like McDonalds use yellow and red in their logo and in their buildings, it is believed …show more content…

When they compared the mean test scores of the level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 students, it showed a significant difference in scores. The level 4 students regularly scored higher on the tests than the lower level students, and all of the students above a level 1 scored higher than the level 1 students. There was also a study done in 2004 by a private philanthropic organization trying to prove that the arts have some sort of benefit to children in school. The group was led by neuroscientist Michael S. Gazzaniga. About four years of research went by until they finally reached a conclusion, releasing a report in March of 2008 titled “Learning, Arts, and the Brain.” The studies suggested evidence that pointed toward the arts actually improving reading and math abilities. One of the studies they did was noticing how the brain reacted when they had several seven-year-olds sit in front of a computer and work on activities that had the same qualities as engaging in something art related. The results of the study showed that doing art based activities can train your brain into being more attentive, which improves cognition. UCLA did a study as well, which involved over twenty-five thousand middle and high school students, and it proved once again, that students who have had past experience with studying fine arts had significantly higher scores on standardized tests than those students who had little to no past experiences with

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