The Education Of The United States And China

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Modifying Education in the United States and China
Perhaps there is nothing more imperative to the success of a nation today than the education of its people; developed education leads to innovation, an improved economy, and, possibly most importantly, a confidence from society about government. The rise of every great nation has been preceded by advancing education. Although education has been mostly examined from the perspective of higher education in the past, this lens fails to provide an adequate picture of the average citizen. Students now attend higher education at larger percentages than they did 50 years ago; nevertheless, the only mandatory education that a citizen receives is as a minor, under the age of 18. Developed nations …show more content…

Nonetheless, China’s leaders have done a magnificent job, particularly in the last 10 years, of changing international perception about their international goals and their trustworthiness. More people around the world have a positive image of China now than they have had in the past 50 years.
The United States, on the other hand, has seen a decrease in their global status since the 1980’s. Although it remains a Superpower, more and more American citizens believe that their days as a hegemon are behind them and that their leadership on the world stage is diminishing. This dying belief in American exceptionalism is a problem for the US. In order to achieve many of its domestic and international goals, a democratic government needs the support of its people, and if the people decide they are no longer capable of, or interested in, being the world leader, their position at the “top” is unsustainable. In the future, this waning attitude of exceptionalism is likely to change the way that America interacts with both its allies and its adversaries.
Despite their differences in language and culture, China and the United States actually have many striking similarities, one of them being that they are two of the most populated countries in the world. Although the population of China is more than threefold that of the US, both countries understand the struggle of protecting and providing for an enormous

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