The Effect Of C02 Concentration On The Photosynthetic Rate Of Algae

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Girard Immanuel Soriano
Ecological Principles Lab
Lab Group: I

The Effect of C02 Concentration on the Photosynthetic Rate of Algae


How does the C02 concentration of algal solution affect the photosynthetic rate of Algae? In this experiment, algae solutions of different concentrations of carbon dioxide, on algal growth are tested to determine the effect of varying concentrations of carbon dioxide, on algal growth over a period of nine days. The rate of photosynthesis was deduced from the change in turbidity levels of the solution. There are three factors that affects the rate of photosynthesis: light intensity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration. Photosynthesis involves several processes, two of them …show more content…

The independent variable in this investigation is the carbon dioxide level in the algal solution. This is measured by determining the pH level of the solution as carbon dioxide gas is bubbled through the solution. When mixed, carbon dioxide and water form carbonic acid, thus decreasing the pH level of the solution.
The test cases five different algal solutions of different carbon dioxide levels measured in terms of pH value. For the 5 cases, the pH levels vary, starting with a control group without any carbon dioxide dissolved in the solution, and four other solutions that whose pH decreased by an increment of around 0.5 pH value from the control group.
The dependent variable in the investigation was the 9 day algal growth in each solution. The growth of algae is gauged by the change in the turbidity of the algal solutions from the initial and final day of data collection. Turbidity is a measure of the loss of water transparency due to the presence of particles in the water. One cause of turbidity is the presence of algae in water. In this experiment, the main cause of the increase in turbidity is the increase

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