The Effect Of Mobile And Wireless Communication On The Environment

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Introduction Information and communication has been changing rapidly during the past decades, and such changes will be affecting the society for the next five years. One effect is on individual lifestyles and this includes an increase of mobile usage and social network consumption. The changes also enable the appearance of cloud technology and the utilization of data management called big data. Another effect that is placed in a classroom. The classroom in the 21st century is virtual and allows stakeholders include students and teachers to access courses through online devices. Lin, H., Wang, Y., & Li, C. (2016). Mobile learning has become more and more important in the educational context because the rapid advance and the popularity…show more content…
Nowadays, students are able to access online learning through internet technology, available time, and resources. This collaborative system allows student groups interacting of learning, sharing and enabling learning evaluation. In terms of Thailand, the Thai government has the policy to support the use of technology in the education system. It is believed that technology increases students ' potential. To achieve this, teachers should apply more technology in classes.
Therefore, The aim of this study is to improve higher students’ critical thinking skills with the utilization of the changes in the information and communication technology. To achieve this objective, the initial step of this research is to investigate the effectiveness of learning in a borderless classroom. The borderless classroom will be used as an alternative instrument which a lecturer can use to distribute learnings and/or lessons. Research Question
1. Study the borderless classroom: a modern collaborative learning model to enhance higher education students’ critical thinking skills.
2. Study the students’ satisfaction towards borderless classroom: a modern collaborative learning model.

The progress of technology had improved digital technology and wireless network. They resulted in the expansion of mobile phones and portable computers have improved. The student could learned outside the
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