The Effect Of Parent Child Relationships On Human Development

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Carr and Cortina provide a powerful explanation of Self-Psychology, “Heinz Kohut and John Bowlby, working independently, contributed to a paradigm shift within psychoanalysis. Their combined work dramatically changed the way many psychoanalysts understand the effect of parent–child relationships on human development, as well as the very nature of psychopathology. This, in turn, transformed clinical practice as their ideas spread and many analysts became more emotionally responsive, creating a friendlier, more respectful therapeutic ambiance.” (Carr & Cortina, 2011, pg.42) Kohut was able to notice patients who were not doing well with the classic Freudian theories and he began to listen to those same patients who were suffering from low self-esteem, lack of motivation and many difficulties on social and sexual spheres. The presented patient’s self-concept includes the above descriptions of what Kohut points out as well as, “feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, and helplessness” which “pervades functioning in negative ways (Hepworth, Larsen, Rooney, Strom-Gottfried, 2011, p. 209).” And some of that damaging thinking has led the patient to continue to self-harm and abuse substances because she feels that this is what she deserves and that it is too late to start her outlook on over. “The Guilty Man” was also viewed very differently between Frued and Kohut. Frued viewed it as, a person who was trying to negotiate id, ego and superego and how people felt guilty about id

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