The Effect Of Physical Development During Adolescence On Academic, Social, Sexual, And Emotional Development Of Boys And Girls

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How do the differences in the speed of physical development during adolescence affect the academic, social, sexual, and emotional development of boys and girls? During adolescence, teens often struggle with their body changes, mood swings and social issues, these effects both teens and their families. It is important for both to understand what is happening to the teen physically, cognitively, and socially in order to build a healthy relationship. Physical development occurs rapidly during teen years, which includes rapid gains in height and weight, changes during puberty like growth of pubic hair, menarche, first menstrual period for girls or penis growth for boys, voice changes for boys, growth of underarm hair, facial hair growth for …show more content…

Some teens have better thinking skills, like developing advanced reasoning skills which allow them the ability to think about many options and possibilities. Some develop mental thinking skill which means thinking about things that cannot be seen, heard, or touched. For example this may include things like faith, trust, beliefs and spirituality. They develop the ability to think about thinking which allows the teen to think about how they feel and what they are thinking. These many changes affect teens because at this stage teens become extremely self-consciousness. They tend to believe that everyone is as worried with their thoughts and behaviors and it allows teens to believe there is imaginary audience or people are always watching them. Teens tend to believe that no one else has ever experienced similar feelings and emotions. There are five psychosocial issues that teens deal with during their adolescent years which are establishing an identity, establishing autonomy, establishing intimacy becoming comfortable with one 's sexuality and achievement. When a teen is establishing their identity they question who they are. A teens parents, other caring adults, friends are one there biggest influences on who they become. A teen that has established independent have gained the ability to make and follow through with their own decisions, live by their own set of values of right and wrong and have become less

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