The Effect Of Temperature And Ph Levels On Enzyme Activity

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Joshua Kwon
Sep 19, 15
Biology p 4
How Do Changes in Temperature and pH Levels Affect Enzyme Activity? Lab Report

In biology class, we’ve learned that sugars produce energy and to use sugars to gain energy, an organism needs a proper enzyme should exist to break it down the chemical bonds of the sugar. Enzymes and proteins are important in organisms because they are involved in most chemical reactions that take place inside of an organism. Our example of an important enzyme was catalase, which breaks down H2O2. H2O2 is a natural by-product and toxic. When H2O2 contacts catalase, it breaks down into water and oxygen. Our group got curious about how changes in temperature and pH levels affect enzyme activity. Since enzymes are group of protein and protein can break easily by acid, base, and hot temperature. To experiment our question, we used catalase solution, 3% H2O2 solution, 0.1 M HCl solution, 0.1 M NaOH solution, a beaker, an O2 gas sensor, sensor interface on a Chromebook, pH paper, and safety gloves. Therefore, we conducted experiments to test how enzyme activity in different conditions. Plus, we predicted that if temperature increases or enzyme have contacts with acid or base, enzyme activity will decrease. We held four controlled experiments which are controller, temperature, HCl Acid, and NaOH Base. We controlled the amount of catalase to 10 mL and H2O2 solution to 4 mL. First we mixed catalase with H2O2 solution and used O2 sensor to gather

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