The Effect Of Water Ingestion Improved Haemodynamic Responses On Gravitational Stress Serving As Therapeutic Relief Against Hypotension

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4. Discussion

Previous studies found that water ingestion improved haemodynamic responses to gravitational stress serving as therapeutic relief against hypotension that can be debilitating for most patients. We hypothesized due to the fact that vitamin water is hypotonic in nature like water then it is likely to illicit the OPR to fuel inadequate sympathetic drive and help with symptoms like dizziness upon standing. However the effect of 500ml of water and vitamin water from the current study did not entirely agree with the effect of water seen in patients with baroreflex dysfunction or autonomic failure patients from previous investigations. 500ml of vitamin water had consistently shown a lack of significant difference in blood …show more content…

Our results showed a significant difference between 50 ml and 500ml of vitamin water at baseline level in the normal order (n=10) of consumption. The crossover also gave a significantly different systolic reading (n=8) between 50ml and 500ml of water. This suggests that the average basal haemodynamic state for the pooled data was different for different experimental runs highlighting haemodynamic variability.

4.1 Vitamin water composition
Dragonfruit Vitamin water contains predominately 160mg of vitamin C per 500ml as the main ingredient. There is evidence to show the benefit of vitamin C as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of hypertension. Doses of vitamin C supplements ranging between 60-400mg were shown to have a useful role in lowering blood pressure (both SBP and DBP). The corresponding averages of SBP and DBP were declining after the ingestion of 50ml of vitamin water amongst 10 participants in our pooled data (SBP: -1.40±2.35mmHg, DBP: -0.10±3.85mmHg). Likewise the same decrease in SBP was evident with 50ml of water, which gave a decrease by 0.90±4.17mmHg. It may be possible that vitamin C content negated the OPR. Blood pressure changes are sensitive to ascorbic acid levels until a certain threshold; the effect of vitamin C was lowered in trials where the population had already taken supplements due to renal

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