The Effect On Scaffolding And Through Students Centered Approach

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Moving on from my beliefs and values to my role as a facilitator of learning, this essay will throw more on the fact that learning effectively takes place when students are given ownership of their learning. When students are given autonomy of their learning, it motivates students to partake in classroom activates and this influence the teachers planning as students contribute with ideas and suggestions. Nonetheless, to execute the national curriculum in this way also comes with its own risks and these risks underpin the importance of students’ autonomy. This essay will therefore place emphasis on the paramount effect on scaffolding and through students-centred approach, this trigger engaging and meaningful learning. It will also focus on the significance of planning, including the importance of lesson objectives, and learning outcomes (success criteria) and how the teacher wants students to know and understand this purpose. Finally, it will place assessment for learning as a fundamental in facilitating students learning in a classroom and how I have implemented this in my medium term plan, lesson plan and teaching as a whole Evidence as a word means facts or physical signs that either helps to prove something or clearly shows that something exits while Informed also means to influence one’s attitude or opinion. Based on these definitions, evidence informed practice could be defined as an integrated approach that requires that decision, choice or an outcome one intends to
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