Essay The Effect of Helicopter Parents

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Tera Winger
Mrs. Pietka
English 1304.26
26 January 2012
The Effect of Helicopter Parents “No Escape from ‘Helicopter Parents’” by Felix Carroll discusses the problem that baby boomers are becoming over-protective of their children and are not letting them live independently. Carroll tells about helicopter parents to make the point that children of baby boomers are being suffocated by their parents. My own experience with helicopter parents yields a point that is both similar and different. What I take away from my own experience with helicopter parents is that many parents hover over their children because they feel their kids have found things of better interest. As a result, I conclude that helicopter parents are not seen …show more content…

Secondly, kids tend to have a closer relationship with their parents because their parents have now become more of a friend to them instead of an authority. Carroll speaks of Mark Gamsjager, saying “He skateboards and snowboards with his two boys, Austin, 13, and Thomas, 9” (Carroll 32). This type of relationship will be beneficial when Mark’s children grow older because they will have something in common with him and it will continue to keep the relationship close. I have a similar relationship with my parents and it has been nothing but beneficial to me. Eighteen years compared to a lifetime is not very long so it is important that kids develop close relationships with their parents before it is time to move off to college. I am grateful that my father is a helicopter parents because I was able to spend a great amount of time with him before I moved out. Carroll ultimately proves his point that helicopter parents are a negative influence on their children because parents are “too obsessed with your children. You treat them like little princes and princesses…and by the time they get to college and are asked who their hero is, your child will cay those words you long to hear: My dad. My mom” (Carroll 32). One of many reasons why helicopter parenting is a downfall is because students with over-protective parents tend to lack self-reliance and independence once they are on their own. Because everything has been done for them by their parents, many students once in

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