The Effects Of Air Pollution On Infant Health

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The article asks the impact that air pollution has on infant health. The authors used data from New Jersey in the 1990s as the focus case to explore the answer to the question. This question is important because air

pollution could have inflicted irreversible changes to the health and well-being of the next generation. The long-term changes to health could have important implications to the future of the world.

Xing and Kolstad conducted a study to determine the relationship between the laxities of the implementation of a country 's environmental regulations to foreign investment attractiveness. Indeed, laxity of environmental

regulations significantly determines the level of FDI from the US. This implies that an economic incentive for pollution exists. The presence of an economic incentive can drive an activity with less regard for other aspects of

life such as health. The diffusion of air pollution could imperil the health of the population including those of infants. The impact on infants could be more persistent throughout their life because their exposure happens during

their developmental stages. The study by Currie et al. contributes a recommendation pertaining to automobile emissions based on the significant negative relationship between health and magnitude of exposure to carbon


The paper answers the question using a combination of statistical models to generate, simulate, process, and analyze data. The
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