The Effects Of Attendance On A Company 's Bottom Line

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In dealing with attendance issues one needs to realize that, attendance is not only an expectation, but employers have the right to receive good attendance. Absenteeism has an effect on a company’s bottom line. One of these effects is a decrease in productivity which causes employees to carrying an extra workload, supporting new or replacement staff, or be required to train and orientate new or replacement workers which affects staff morale and employee service. Another effect felt by a company is financial costs. These costs include: overtime or agency cost for replacement workers, the cost of self-insured income protection plans and premium costs may rise for insured plans. In addition, a company will incur administrative costs which include; staff time is required to secure replacement employees or to re-assign the remaining employees and staff time is required to maintain and control absenteeism. Each and every employee has a contractual responsibility to be present at work on a regular basis. “All levels of management must believe in, be committed to, and communicate their expectations of good attendance” (Benefits Interface, 2013). Employees will live up to the expectations that you set for them, and if a specific number of sick days are considered acceptable per employee, at best that will be the result. “Expectations must be clear to both management and employees in order for an attendance management program to get maximum results” (Benefits Interface, 2013).

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