The Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives

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An object which represents social literacies that have shaped my life is a cell phone. Cell phones have become an integral part of everyday life for most people. They hold the ability to connect people, despite distance, and for most are an object which brings them happiness. For me however it is the opposite, the moment my phone begins to ring or I am faced with making a phone call my heart begins to race and my anxiety sets in. I have always been an anxious child, but it was until last year that I was clinically diagnosed with social anxiety. In today 's society, there is a strong stigma that stands against mental health illness and a person is often labeled by their illness. Most people would believe that by having social anxiety this would then stunt my social literacies. Instead however, it has allowed me to see a whole new side to social interactions, a side which has exposed me to new techniques to social interaction and communication. With my anxiety came a new appreciation for the skills needed in any form of communication. Small talk was likened to solving a complex math problem and phone conversations need hours of preparation as though I was composing a speech. Add a panic or anxiety attack into the mix and it was a situation that I wanted to avoid at all possible costs. For a time, like many would assume, my communication skills were stunted. I withdrew from any social situation I could and fretted constantly over the ones that were unavoidable, thus sending…
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