Cell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives

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With the advent use of technology and increasing use of cell phones, a lot of studies are taking place. Even though cell phones today have been helpful with communicating with people far away, these cellular devices still are dangerous in many extravagant ways. Dangerous can mean many things when it comes to cell phones. Billions of people throughout the world are implementing cell phone use in their daily routines. Cell phones are becoming a prone addiction which causes us to not be so aware of our surroundings when using it. Many researchers have performed tests on what radiation levels (radio frequency) can do to our health. Based on scientific research and studies, cell phones are taking over our daily lives which is why cell phone use should be used less because they increase the risk of traffic accidents, can cause cancer, and disrupt pacemakers. Researchers everywhere have proven that cell phones increase traffic accidents and can be fatal. People are distracted by the tiniest things; therefore, our minds can only focus on so much which ultimately builds stress. Researchers have realized that when a brain is in a state of “cognitive capture” or “inattention blindness” the individual gets captured by the world inside the phone and becomes blind to the world outside of it. “When people talk on the phone while driving, their minds are blinded to what is going on around them and they become safety hazards.”(Saleton) The researchers also found that half the world’s
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