The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Climate is consistent behavior of temperature, precipitation, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other related environmental factors. Around the globe, temperature a re climbing, sea levels are rising, and season are changing, which means that climate change is transforming our Earth. Climate change indicates negative consequences on the impact to humanity and on the factors of the climate system. By climate change the most endangered is atmosphere, because it changes the composition of uncontrolled combustion of fossil fuels. Due this, layer of greenhouse gasses around the Earth becomes more ticker, which makes the Earth warmer.
Effect of greenhouse Carbon dioxide (CO2), with other gases form a layer around the Earth’s surface, and performs partial absorption of reflected sunlight from the earth’s surface and emits heat radiation, by thus the planet Earth is transformed into a vast glass garden. In addition, there are also some other human activities, such as agriculture and deforestation, also contribute to the proliferation of greenhouse gases which cause climate to change. Concentration of carbon dioxide in atmosphere significantly depends on human activates. Increase of C02 in atmosphere is caused by the emission of this gas that occurs as the consequences of burning fossils fuels such as wood, gasoline, oil, natural gas, etc. Many don’t see anything wrong in increase of average temperature for few degrees on Earth. This is because the level of anticipated changes…
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