The Effects Of Climate Change On The Planet

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The effects of climate change have become more apparent than ever within the last 100 years. Increasing climates have been proven; with the warmest temperatures in 30 years being recorded (Houghton, 1994). Suggested cause of this increase is population change, the ever increasing demand for natural resources to sustain economic growth has resulted in exploitation of ecological systems at a rate never recorded before. These huge changes to the planet will have a knock on effect to individual and global ecosystems resulting in varying levels of positive feedback. Throughout this essay I will be discussing on various ways climate change effects the ecology of the planet.
The planet shows fluctuations of temperature from millions of years ago. For example, Figure 1 shows the global temperature change across recent decades (1850s-2000s). Even in this small time period, there is an obvious noticeable increase since the 1970s compared to just 100 years before. Temperature and atmospheric CO2 are higher than ever recorded and is suggested to be linked to the burning of fossil fuels. Figure 2 shows Global CO2 levels in previous time periods. Again, this graph shows an obvious rapid increase in recent years compared to the steady fluctuations previously. The combustion of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases (CO2, methane, NO2 etc.) into the atmosphere. These molecules are effective at absorbing heat radiation which is contained in the atmosphere and therefore the climate goes…
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