The Effects Of Climate Change On Earth

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In another matter, this is not the first time that climate change has affected the planet in the past there were many problems to the earth millions of years ago. There were five major ice ages from the longest and first scientists believe occurred was two point four to two point one billion years ago during the early Proterozoic Eon there was an ice age formed and it was the Huronian. The second ice age was the cryogenian and it has been known that it produced a snowball earth in which permanent sea ice extended to or very near the earth's equator; this period occurred from eight hundred and fifty to six hundred and thirty million years ago. The third ice age that occurred was the Andean-Saharan it occurred during the Paleozoic from fout…show more content…
Scientists believe the possible causes of the medieval warm period were increase in solar activity, decrease volcanic activity, and change to ocean circulation. After the medieval ended what followed was the little ice age; the little ice age is a period between the thirteen hundreds to the eighteen seventies. During this time Europe and North America were subjected to a much colder winters than during the 20th century. Scientists believe the cause of this period was cyclical lows in solar radiation, heightened volcanic activity, changes in the ocean circulation, variations in earth's orbit, and axial tilt, inherent variability in global climate and decrease in the human population these just the few reasons why the little ice age was formed.

Climate change has caused many problems to humans and ironically the cause of it are humans them selves. One of the major problems that climate changed has caused is food crisis; hotter temperatures will severely diminish the world's ability to grow crops and feed humanity and other animals. The effects of major heat waves recorded in the past were very excruciating like the one in Western Europe during the summer of 2003 which hunted the crop yield deeply. Also in 2003 Italy was affected by a big heat wave where a maze yield feel by 36%. These are major signs that humans won't have any thing to feed themselves in several years if this damaging global warming continues.
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