The Effects Of Haemophilia And Its Effects On People From Different Ages And Sex

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On this Essay, I have decided to talk about Haemophilia because is a disease that is affecting people from different ages and sex. Haemophilia is a genetic disorder caused by the deficiency in the clotting factor 8 (Haemophilia A) or clotting factor 9 (Haemophilia B). This disease is incurable and can be life threatening without the proper treatment.
Going back in history, Haemophilia is also known as “Royal Disease”. This is because Queen Victoria was a carrier of the disease gene and passed it on to her children and


grandchildren. According to some research done by Dee Davis , some male relatives from Queen Victoria died from brain haemorrhages in the early 30s, other could live longer but with a poor quality of life.
Victoria’s daughters, Alice and Beatrice, carried the haemophilia gene and introduced it to the spanish and german bloodlines when they married into the families and had children.
Subsequently, the prognosis turned out to be potentially worse that affected an entire country.

Nowadays, haemophilia is the most common blood clotting disorder among men. Since men have only on X chromosome, if they inherit the haemophilia gene, they will have haemophilia. A.-) DISCUSSION ON GENETIC MUTATIONS AND KEY GENETIC AREAS.

MILLER (2013)

Haemophilia is an inherited condition that affects the blood’s ability to clot. People with this condition experience prolonged bleeding following an injury
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