The Effects Of Pregnancy On The Birth Of A Child And The Mother

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From prenatal development to the birth, a child and the mother endure many learning curves and emotions. First time mothers may feel many different emotions caused their environment and support systems. My mother, Suzanne, is a 48-year-old female and married to my father, Charlie King. Suzanne has given birth to six children; however, two of those children were stillborn. Although there are many pregnancy experiences, she chose to speak about my older sister, Audrey’s birth, which occurred 20 years ago. I interviewed Suzanne King to relate pregnancy to the theories I learned about in the textbook, Children by John Santrock. Suzanne’s experience is comparable to several topics discussed in the textbook. Suzanne was worried about hazards …show more content…

97). Examples of teratogens include caffeine, alcohol, prescription drugs, and many other parental factors (Santrock, 2013, p. 98-106). Addressing teratogens, I asked if she had any routines or items she stayed away from once she realized she was pregnant? Suzanne replied stating she tried to stay away from coffee. She also avoided excessive exercising and participated in low impact Jazzercise classes. It is scientifically proven safe to exercise while pregnant, but not to the point of exhaustion (Santrock, 2013, p. 93). I questioned how she knew to stay away from those risk factors. She reported, “I honestly don’t know where I heard that I shouldn’t, I probably read it in a book somewhere. It seems like common sense to me.” After gaining an understanding of Suzanne’s experiences and precautions before Audrey was born, I initiated questions of labor and delivery.
Per my request, Suzanne began explaining the day Audrey was born. “It was a Saturday morning and I began having contractions so I went to the hospital. The nurse made me start doing breathing techniques, she said it would have been easier if I took Lamaze classes.” Suzanne explained that if she had to do anything over again she would have taken a Lamaze class to help prepare her better. The Lamaze method encompasses “. . . a special breathing technique to control pushing in the final stages of labor. . .” (Santrock, 2013, p. 116). Suzanne explained, “I continued breathing

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