The Effects Of Smoking On The Health Care System

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Health is widely diversified in the United States because of the best resources available by the health care systems in hospitals. New inventions are being developed every day, and billions of dollars have been spent to increase the level of health care while lowering the cost of insurance so hospitals can offer the best treatment. Meanwhile, there are people in our society who are excessive smokers and drinkers, and these limitless behaviors have an effect on the cost of insurance and hospital services. The taxes received from products such as cigarettes and alcohol are referred to as ‘Sin taxes’ -- due to the harmful effects that these products have on your health, and due to the increased medical cost for government. Smoking has been the leading cause of high risk problems such as heart attack and lung cancer, and people still continue these unhealthy habits which can lead to hospitalization and even death. The consumer of these products should feel the pinch of paying high ‘sin taxes’. Therefore, the government should increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco to help pay for the rising cost of medical expenses.

Since 1991, alcohol taxes have come down to 37%, and there is a chance that this figure may decrease to 9% by 2019. Because the taxes of alcohol are based on volume not pricing, for example, a $4 glass of wine will have same tax as of $6 glass of wine as they both have same volume. The impact of alcoholism is high, and the effect of alcohol abuse is associated
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