The Effects Of Toys And Media On Children

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From this lesson, I would like to learn the degree of effects toys and media can have on children. I was not very aware of the different effects Disney can have on children, but I have always known that educational games are better. I am also able to identify the effects active or violent toys can have on boys, and from this lesson, I became more aware of the different side effects on girls. For example, when little girls collect Barbie dolls, movies and other toys related to Disney, they have a possibility not to accept their bodies when they become teenagers. It also helps me realize that everyone around me including myself is or was influence by the media. However, the outcomes can be different depending on how people manage media. It was interesting to realize how people become influenced by media. At first, the parents, including myself, buy toys to create an environment for children to move, interact and learn independently. As they grow older, the independence they developed as children will allow them to choose their own toys. Parents can be proud looking at their little children becoming independent not only at home but also in the market place. For parents that need to deal with Barbies or violent toys for boys, little do they know of what can develop behind their admiration. Once children develop an identity towards Disney anything their parents buy them will not be good enough and be old-fashioned to them. Also, parents start feeling left out. For example, they

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