The Effects Of Video Games On Gender Socialization And Aggressive Behavior By Tracy L. Dietz

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Over time video games have drastically changed its contents and through the use of media it has become very popular among the people of all ages. The article, “An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior” by Tracy L. Dietz portrays the impact of video-games in gender roles in our society. Through the usage of samples in the experiment shows that the video games tend to have more male characters rather than female characters. In this article Dietz illustrates that the video games that are being played by today’s youth present an overwhelmingly traditional and negative portrayal of women and that the development of gender identities and expectations among youngsters may be affected by these portrayals. The article also goes to demonstrate that boys and girls rely upon expectations about both masculinity and femininity to interpret interaction and to develop expectations for themselves and others. The author argues that there exists a correlation between the portrayal of women and the use of violence in the video games, and I agree with his claim, because I have been raised in a culture, where female character’s role in the gaming community have been completely overshadowed by the dominant male figure. Through the usage of the sample of popular video games, it has been concluded that female characters in the video-games were portrayed as a negative image. The author states that, “In

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