The Egypt : Ancient Egypt

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Few civilizations are as fascinating as that of the ancient Egyptians. The kingdom along the Nile River has been the subject of many books, magazine articles, movies, and T.V shows and documentaries. Museums from all over the world dedicate entire exhibits to excavated Egyptian artifacts. Egypt itself receives millions of tourists flocking to photograph the pyramids and its ruins each year.
There are so many reasons behind why we are infatuated with ancient Egypt. One reason is its sheer antiquity because Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and many believe it may have been the very first. Thriving at a time when most of the rest of the world like the Greeks, the Chinese, and the Mayians who haven’t even began to build anything more impressive than stick huts. Another reason why Egypt was so amazing were that they were ahead of their time. If you look at the Egyptians and their achievements: their colossal tombs and temples, their well-preserved mummies, art and jewelry It is easy to see why it may have been the world’s first civilization. The last reason is that despite more than two centuries of study by Egyptologists, much about ancient Egypt still remains mysterious.There are still so many questions about the Egyptians are and most of their answers buried within the sands of time. For instance, how were the pyramids built and how were the blocks cut so perfectly? What was responsible for the early death of young pharaoh Tutankhamun? And how did the…
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