The Emotions Of Child Development

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According to Child Development, Emotions are known as, “The feelings, both physiological and psychological, that people have in response to events that are personally relevant to their needs and goals”(McDevitt, pg 434). Emotions are something that every human being young or old displays throughout their life. Some people showcase their emotions and others bottle them up inside themselves. Teddy displays a number of emotions on a daily basis, most of them are cheerful, he is usually in a very good mood. Teddy is usually very focused on his work and shows healthy and positive emotions, when appropriate. Since I have not observed Teddy for that long, I was only able to see his emotions for a short amount of time which were not negative for the most part. Teddy seems to display awareness of his own emotions. An example is, Teddy ran into an old teacher during lunch and immediately hugged her and said he missed her. He is very open and friendly with his peers and teachers. Showing care for old teachers shows his awareness of his own emotions. Other times, Teddy will get frustrated with the class. When everyone is talking all at once, he will often say “one at a time”. In this instance, Teddy is displaying his emotions and also caring about other people’s emotions such as the teacher’s or other classmates. Teddy displays an awareness of other’s emotions, when in a group, if a member will dislike something and get upset, he will either try to comfort them or stop doing what

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