The End Of French And Indian War

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Essay #1 The biggest turnaround in the history of America in the mid-eighteenth century was the end of French and Indian war in 1763. It was hard to fathom the kind of conflicts that British people could see between them and the colonies in North America. It is accurate to say that the seeds of animosity and rivalry as well as subjugation of American liberties and deprivation of their properties began as a result of this war. The French and the Indian war were also known as the Seven Year War in Europe. Brits were able to defeat their French allies but this win led to a high cost for the parent nation. According to sources, the national debt recorded by the British monetary unit in 1763 was approximately one hundred and twenty-two million …show more content…

As this move led to a large number of problems with the colonists, the Indian uprising in the Ohio frontier and the Pontiac’s rebellion which led to the proclamation of 1763 were the final nails in the coffin of the beginning of American torment. The proclamation of 1763 forbade any kind of colonial settlement to the west of Allegany Mountains and caused conflict between land hungry settlers and speculators like George Washington. While the British leaders tried to increase control over their empire, laws concerning imperial trade were on the books for many generations. American colonists had been known to evade any such regulation and even traded with the French. Britain was unfair in many trade policies and began to reform the imperial system. They enforced higher taxes and costs for their own defence from the American colonists. They created additional revenue by realizing stricter control in navigation and trade. The Sugar Act of 1764 passed by the parliament attempted to increase the revenue of the colonies by incurring a tax on molasses. While this tax was in the books since 1730, smuggling and laxity in enforcement couldn’t let the law win. As the tax was supposed to be enforced, it created a big outcry among those who were affected and therefore the American colonists created a large scale boycott of many British goods for the same reason. The parliament enacted stiff measures that were known as the Stamp Act and it increased tax on

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