The, Endurance, And Endurance : Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, By Alfred Lansing

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Being a leader required a person has lots of different traits. One of the important characteristics is leaders should have the ability to lead people through a crisis. In today’s society, organizations are facing a variety of different crises. Management strategy in a crisis situation is different from the normal situation. Thus, a good leader should know how to help the organization to overcome the difficulties they faced. Some crises are even big enough to influence the future of the organization. Hence, the crisis leadership is a significant part in the organization. However, what are some qualities that a leader should have in a crisis? A leader knows and takes care of his people One of the qualities is that a leader should know what his/her people are capable for. Not only understand their personalities, but he/she also knows how to make decisions based on their abilities and skills. In the book, Endurance: Shackleton 's incredible voyage, the author Alfred Lansing (2014) talks about Shackleton’s third expedition to the Antarctic. One of the segments talks about that Shackleton and his crew launched three lifeboats to sail west. Apparently, James Caird was the strongest and most comfortable one among the three lifeboats. However, Shackleton did not take the most skillful crewmembers with him, instead he took the crewmembers that were hard management and accompany. He made this decision relied on his knowledge about the strengths and limitations of the crewmembers. He

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