The Ethical Principle Of Confidentiality Essay

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Vignette One
Remley and Herlihy (2016) defines confidentiality as an ethical concept which refers to the counselor 's obligation to respect the client 's privacy and in session discussion will be protected from disclosure without their consent (p.108). The receptionist never disclosed what was being discussed in wife A session; however, her inadvertent breach of confidentiality occurred the moment she divulged the fact that wife A is a patient at a mental health facility. An important premise to understanding the ethical principle of confidentiality is base that a counselor respects the client 's right to privacy (Remley & Herlihy, 2016; Quigley, 2007). Premise one states the "counselor honor the rights of clients to decide who knows what information about them and in what circumstances" (p.110).
On the contrary, if wife A can prove emotional distress due to the receptionist 's breach of confidentiality, she may be entitled to a settlement. From this vignette it was evident that wife A was not ready to disclosed to her husband that she was seeing a counselor. Texas Health and Safety Code, chapter 611 states "a licensee shall not disclose any communication, record, or identity of a client” (Rule § 681.45). Although, a novice counselor may believe this was a minor in fracture that the receptionist has caused without a doubt a violation to wife A’s right to privacy. A licensee’s is held legally responsible for a breach of confidentiality cause by even their subordinates namely

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