The European Union And Its Relations With Syria

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Final Paper
The European Union and its Relations with Syria The member states of the European Union share a colorful history with many countries within the Middle Eastern and African regions. This shared past has seen periods of colonial occupation and authority, but also of triumphs, bonding and accomplishment. During my in-class presentation I discussed the situation revolving around the E.U.’s relations and policy towards Syria in response to the Arab Spring uprisings. However, in light of the complicated nature of the conflict and civil war within the country, I felt it would be interesting to discuss the E.U. response and impact on the situation as a whole, and not just limited to 2011. In this paper I will examine the European Union Neighborhood Policy and its effects on the Syrian Arab Republic. In particular, I will discuss the impacts of the policy on democracy promotion in the region, and I will look at the E.U.’s crisis management/response and intervention within Syria. Until 2011, relations between the E.U. and Syria were guided by the E.U. neighborhood policy for countries to the south and east of European borders. Through this policy, the E.U. proposed a “special relationship” with its neighbors, following the mandate of Article 8 of the T.E.U. Such a relationship was based upon mutual commitment to common values, including: democracy promotion, the rule of law, human rights, ethical governance, market economy values, and sustainable growth & development. A…
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